RMF Online Only For 2020

Huzzah and well met my friends. There is news that I must impart, recently come from the herald - ’tis of the King and Queen’s decree for the fall festivities.

While we have each taken a vow of solitude for the good of the realm, the royal barber, the most knowledgeable of herbs of virtue and general malady, has been consulted as to when we may rejoice in merriment and tournament again. Alas, the omens while seeming good are too far out in time and as such we would not wish the endangerment of our fair citizens of Mearth for the sake of a bit of swordplay and music. To this end, the fall faire grounds shall remain silent this September 19th, but the Queen assures us that they, along with the court, the performers and merchants shall return in force the following season (2021 AD) for a grand celebration.

I, in consult with some talented craftspeople and esteem’d wizards of the land have also been exploring some ancient lore that allows one's image to appear to many - there are great scrolls of knowledge we are researching, the book of faces that seemingly connects many of the realm together, ways to capture the festival in images crafted from small blocks, and a message portal known only as ZꚙM. We shall see if these learnings can, in time, provide a few moments of respite on the festival day to connect our presence in lieu of our person.

I wish you all well - the grand celebrations of last fall, seemingly feel as ancient days long past and it is clear that they shall live on in a changed world ere we return. Indeed Mearth, the surrounding countries and our people have great challenges ahead. We, the Royal Court, wish the citizens of the land a safe and supportive year for yourselves and those that are close to you.

Look for a messenger in the coming months with news of our learn’d progress and notice of plans for activities in which one can participate whilst remaining true to vows of solitude and plan for your return to the festival in September of 2021.

With honour,

Sir Liam of Mearth

On Behalf of Queen Charolette, King Bertram, the Royal court and the townsfolk of Mearth

Hello everyone!

We hope everyone is doing well in these times and managing accordingly. We the board of the RMF have met in the last few weeks to talk through this year’s plan, as we would normally start the bulk of our preparation for September this month.

While Ontario is starting to recover, and we’re seeing numbers of COVID-19 cases decrease, there remain some significant challenges to safely operate the festival this year - rehearsal time starting in July, large gatherings of thousands will be a higher risk (even if outdoors), the potential for retransmission in the community, and visitors coming from across Ontario to the event. Upon reflection, the nature of our event makes it complicated to be able to assure the safety of the public, the actors, performers, vendors and organizers throughout the summer and on the day. With that in mind, we are sadly announcing the cancellation of the Royal Medieval Faire this year in Waterloo Park and will plan to return in 2021.

We are looking at potential options to do some smaller activities that represent the RMF on the day that can be done online - potentially Facebook Live, an interactive “mini-faire” in Minecraft, or some interactive sessions over Zoom or another system. These are works in progress and we hope to do at least a few things to keep the spirit going for so many people that have supported us in the last 23 years. More on that later, look at our Facebook page and website for information as we develop more concrete plans.

Thanks for supporting us in this decision, and I know it’s difficult to predict anything regarding how Ontario will be 4 months from now, and it adds another item to the “cancelled list" of fun things to do, but we thought it the most prudent thing to do for the safety of many. There will be a faire next year, and we’ll be excited to get back at it as soon as we can. We hope you are all doing well, that you have the energy and support to cope these very complex times and we look forward to seeing you again when the world has progressed further on the path to recovery.


Nick Oddson

On Behalf of the Board of Directors, the organizers and the RMF cast, crew and volunteers