Welcome to the Land of Mearth

Huzzah and well met friend, and welcome, be you citizen or visitor to the land of Mearth or even from the troubled land of Dearth. Mearth 'tis a glorious place full of merriment and honourable deeds and once per year the Royal Court along with King Bertram and Queen Charlotte host a grand festival to celebrate. Through the years, there is a strong seeming coincidence between that celebration and the surfacing of difficulties impacting the enjoyment of the day -- between dragons and fae folk, chaotic magic, sickness and boredom, rival Kings, relatives and even townsfolk contesting rulership, along with various visits by ne're-do-well pirates, brigands, vikings and wizards it has come to pass that no faire day in the last 22 years has been a calm one. Read now through the written history of the years of the faire, the challenges faced and how Mearth weathered the storm to the delight of many.

The First Decade

Seasons 11-20

Year 21 and Onwards