Hand-drawn map of the land of Mearth

Mearthian Autumn Festival

For the 27th Annual Royal Medieval Faire King Bertram & Queen Charlotte invite you to attend The Mearthian Autumn Festival! Join us in Waterloo Park alongside musical performances, shopping, delicious food and of course a tournament to celebrate the changing of the season! King Bertram has invited guests from the Great Library of Mearth and friends from his short-stint as Pirate King to attend, and good thing too as he will need their help - and yours! 

It appears the ceremonial object, The T.H.I.N.G., needed to close the festivities has gone missing and doom will surely befall Mearth if it is not found!

Mearth will once again be collecting non-perishable food donations (alongside your entry fee) this year to support the KW Food Bank. Look for the donation boxes at the gates!

The Gift-Givers: The Cast of A Birthday to Remember

Court of Mearth

King Bertram – Bernie Roehl

Queen Charlotte – Tracey Biggar

Princess Pamela – Mary Dawdy

Sir Sean of Guilford – Alan Dawdy

Princess Lila – Jasmine Dawdy

Mary Nearly Contrary – Mary Drozd-Lutka

Lady Miriam – Hanaja Lutka

Grendel the Dragon – Chris Lutka

Court of the Fae Lands

Lord Percival of the Vale – Geoff Vanderkooy 

Lord Staaghorn of the Woods – David Loop 

Edmund the Wise – Chol Rintche 

Farrell the Storyteller – Karen Oddson 

Knights of Mearth

Sir Lara of Drat, Master-at-Arms – Wanda Murison

Sir Tobias – Adam Benjamin

Sir Liam – Nick Oddson

Sir Smarm – Yogi Oddson

Sir Killian – Noah Heeney

Sir Luan Moon – Ryan McEachern

Dame Kendra – Sarah Ingram

Dame Balien the Dary Fairy – Carly Derderian

Sweet Sir St. Germaine – James Noble

Sir Erline – Alex Loop

Sir Malvolio – Kieron Higgs

Champions of the Fae Lands

Sir Lance – Julian Loop 

Leath – Ash Parish 

Rosalind – Ashleigh Murray 

Sir Victor Von Mewsoll – Alex Brubacher 

Nimway of the Vale – Zoe Reville 

Court of Dearth

King Davius – Neil Murray 

Conrad Crookshaw – Nick Rintche 

Tyrolean the Spy – Porter Crease  

Mercenaries of Dearth

Elena the Rogue – Angie Grigg 

Lilith Nightshade – Maeve Sebastian 

Charlemagne – Charley Hipel

Raven – Wylie Lutka 

Thaddeus J Chadwick the Fourth – Kyle Remington 

Dame Gerta – Nora Beatty 

Wandering Cast

Kali he Shadow - Ashley King 

Blayze the Conqueror - Phoenix Schlupp 

Lady Elizabeth - Liz Guest 

Aurora Nightshade  - Heather Sebastian 

Iris - Catherine Edwins 

Feronia Willowsnap - Julie Bundscho

Copper the Pirate - Steven Bundscho 

Fee Russala - Kyla Bundscho

Pip - Gavin Bundscho 

The Performers of A Birthday to Remember

Floating Widget

Floating Widget is a trio of musicians playing Irish and Celtic music for pubs, weddings, festivals and Ceili dances for over twenty years in the Waterloo Region and beyond. Performances by Floating Widget offer rousing pub ballads and songs and lively sets of dance tunes (jigs, reels and hornpipes). Band members include Les Starkey on bodhran, James Stockton on whistles and Kevin Grossi on vocals, guitar and fiddle.

Christina Maree - Harpist

Christina Maree fell in love with the harp through folktales and folk music and later became an early fan of Loreena McKennitt. After discovering the Goderich Celtic Festival and Celtic College, she makes an annual pilgrimage to learn new tunes. The sound of the harp invites you in. Come for a listen.

 The Forget Me Notes

We're a wind and percussion ensemble with years of experience in community bands. Specializing in Medieval and early 1900s music and Christmas tunes, we've performed at various events, including garden parties, Foodbank fundraisers, and the Grand Porch Party. St Luke's Anglican Church in Cambridge has generously allowed us rehearsal space.

The Eyrie (Birds of Prey)

The Eyrie goes through history to talk about Falconry as a hunting sport, with live free-flight raptor demonstrations.

Wandering Stiltwalker

Paul (Top Hat) is a multi-talented performer known for his roles in medieval and Renaissance festivals across the province. An actor, singer, and comedian, he's taken on various roles with companies like Poculi Ludique Societas and the Shakespeare and the Queen's Men Project. Besides acting, Paul is a gifted musician, having sung with groups specializing in early Renaissance and baroque music, including the Toronto Chamber Choir and the Elmer Iseler Singers.

Scottish Dancers

The Kitchener Waterloo Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society has been active since 1960. We have classes on Tuesday Evenings from September to April for both beginners and advanced dancers The great thing about Scottish Country Dancing is you don't need a partner and you don't need to be Scottish.

Nero's Fiddle

Nero's Fiddle is an a'cappella quartet formed in 2001 at the Ontario Renaissance Festival. They've been performing their blend of ballads, both bawdy and beautiful, together in harmony for over 20 years. A longtime fixture of RMF, they are delighted to return to the Queen's Stage this season.  Nero's Fiddle are Jennifer Botari, Dorothy Fairbairn, Christine McLeod, and Angela Whyte.

The Story So Far

Healer and Dragon walking together

The First Decade

Imprisoned fairies

Seasons 11-20

Two battling knights

Year 21 and Onwards