Seasons 11-20

2008 Poster

Things Are Not Always As They Appear

September 20th, 2008

King Bertram welcomed everyone to the eleventh annual Faire. He announced that the knights would this year be fighting for two bags of gold instead of the customary one bag.

Queen Charlotte appeared distraught, and when questioned, revealed that she has been keeping a secret from Bertram and the court for the past eleven years. Her true identity is "Charlotte, Queen of the Faerie" and unveiled her wings as proof.

"Samantha, Queen of the Faerie" is actually her little sister. Samantha had come to Mearth to remind Charlotte that she must return to Faerie by sundown. She also hinted that Charlotte may not receive a warm welcome in Faerie after so many years in the human realm. Charlotte acknowledged her obligation and asked to enjoy one last Faire at the side of her beloved Bertram. She insisted that the tournament continue as planned and the Knights were called forth to draw their lots. Samantha continued to needle Charlotte about deserting her true realm and responsibilities. Charlotte countered that people are not always suited to the role that is thrust upon them and they sometimes need to find their true calling.

The Wizard Filius and his consort attempted to smooth over the dispute, but inadvertently stirred up the conflict. Samantha vowed to show Charlotte what can happen when people abandon their duties. Bertram attempted to diffuse the situation and called for the tournament to continue.

Jericho the Herald decided that it was high time that he pursue his true calling. He begged Bertram to allow him to compete in the tournament instead of just announcing the fights. King Bertram was flustered by the turn of events and wondered who would do the heralding. Fred, the plowman's son revealed that he had always longed to do Jericho's job.

When the Knights were called forth, only Sir Shorla came forward. All the rest were suddenly struck with the urge to follow their secret desires. Tobias revealed that he wanted to teach, and Lara wanted to dance. Liam wanted to play, while Isabella and Goderick resolved to return to the kingdom of Worth to find the value of life. Sir Shorla was content to remain a knight, but would attempt to be a kinder, gentler knight. Thomas, Catriona and Dizzy Izzy all decided that they would also like to fight.

The biggest shock arose from the fact that Izzy was actually sober and demanding to be called by her proper title "Lady Isabella of Winterbourne". Filius checked the rules and decreed that the tournament was open to all, and then declared his intention to fight too.

As the day progressed, Charlotte's faeirie wings continued to grow. Samantha pointed out that Mearth had fallen into disarray since people had abandoned their responsibilities. Charlotte viewed the changes as new opportunities. Behind the scenes, Filius plotted with Lady, Thomas and Catriona to take over the kingdom of Mearth. King Bertram also began to question his "true calling" and explored several possibilities. The newly-declared fighters all won their bouts, causing Charlotte and Samantha to debate again over duty vs. finding your own path. Filius convinced Bertram that the king should also become a fighter.

It is soon apparent that fighting is not Bertram's forte. Filius pointed out that once the king entered the tournament, his throne became the prize. Filius declared his intention to challenge Bertram for the throne. Bertram invoked his right to a champion and called forth the day's two best fighters to compete for that honour. The match between Izzy and Jericho is decided in Izzy's favour. Filius arranged with his gang to buy Izzy a celebratory drink. Samantha overheard and decided to undo her meddling by convincing Liam to return.

At the final round of the tournament, Izzy was once again drunk and unable to fight. Liam returned and claimed the right of champion but Filius called in his accomplices to tip the odds in his favour. Brigit and Farrel came to Liam.s aid. Filius and his gang were defeated and order was restored, but Bertram was still upset that he had not found his true calling. Charlotte assured him that being the king was his true calling. Charlotte and Samantha resolved their dispute by agreeing that some must find their calling while others have the calling find them. Charlotte prepared to return to the land of the faerie and Bertram could not bear to see her go. It was decided that he would accompany her for one year, leaving the kingdom of Mearth under the stewardship of the herald.

Jericho reclaimed his position-- and the throne for a year, allowing Fred to do the herald duties for that time. The tournament drew to a close and they all danced at the ceili.

So a Knight, a Pirate and a Fairy Walked into a Castle...

September 19th, 2009

In 2009, we saw King Bertram and Queen Charlotte return to Mearth from a year in the fairy kingdom. Many in Mearth have grown tired of the tournament and wish to see something new for the 12th year.

As the fairies and townsfolk haggle over what the new tournament would look like—and who will be in charge— Karg and his band of sea-faring marauders enters the debate. The marauders have come in search of fairy dust and plan to get it by fair means or foul. They propose to fight the fairies in the tournament and claim the fairy dust as their prize.

When Queen Charlotte is reluctant to agree to this idea, the marauding pirate crew threatens to take the dust by force. The magical dust can be made by crushing fairy wings. The fairies agree and counterplot to distract their foes using wine, women and song.

In order to keep the fights fair, the fairies have been banned from using magic during the tournament or face imprisonment. The fairies cheat in the first round by using magic and are subsequently thrown in jail. The pirates win 2 of the remaining 3 fights and declare themselves the winners of the tournament. When they attempt to claim their prize, they find that the fairies have all escaped with the knights in pursuit.

In order to ensure the fairies return, Karg holds King Bertram and Queen Charlotte hostage. The fairies return and aid Charlotte, the knights and the townsfolk in distracting the pirates with wine, women and song. After much tussle, the pirates are subdued. Peace and tranquility have returned to Mearth and as always, they all danced at the Ceili.

2009 Poster
2010 Poster

Strange Luck

September 18th, 2010

For 2010, the thirteenth year is ruled by superstitions. A band of gypsy-like rovers joins the cast as they explore the mysteries of luck and beliefs. September 18th promises a day of action, adventure and intrigue-- mixed with the ever-present laughter-- that is the Royal Medieval Faire!

Riddle Mearth This

September 17th, 2011

14th Royal Medieval Faire brought Druids to the court with a missive.  After some inquisitions about irate avians attacking the swine, King Bertram allowed the Druids to read their scroll.

                Boldly Shines from on High

                Holding Riches of the Land

                Safely Guarded with Worth Untold

                Find This Treasure Both Rare and Grand!

King Bertram decided that any knights who wanted to take part in this quest would have to participate in the tournament. The King introduced his loyal knights and asked them to demonstrate the standards to which he hopes all other participants can achieve. 

Queen Charlotte wanted her fairy knights to be eligible for the quest, so Balien challenged Lady Terra, the Pirate “King”, who would also become a questor.  King Bertram did not want a pirate to quest for him, but he was assured of Lady Terra’s loyalty.  More fighters joined the tournament to quest for the King.

The King soon heard a rumour that another parchment was found by the leader of the Rovers. 

Roisin read:

                Shiny and Sweet, it fills all with Cheer

                Gold Awaits you not Far But Near

Many people shouted what they believed the treasure could be and the tournament continued.  Through dubious means, the knights made progress on finding the treasure. They smugly read another parchment.

               The Sheen is Tarnishing

               Make Haste, Make Haste

               If the Treasure is gone,

              The Kingdom Will Waste

With the knights already finding their own clues, the townsfolk, fairies, pirates and rovers felt left out and angry.  Lady Terra switched allegiance and went back to leading the pirates, but that did not sit well with her fellow pirate, Philius who had her thrown in jail.  The King implored everyone to keep searching for the clues so that the Kingdom could find some peace again.

The various groups of the Kingdom believed they each had the correct answer to the riddles.

The Rovers brought: Golden Syrup: It is shiny and sweet.

The Pirates brought Mead:  When you drink this everything is nice and shiny!

The Townsfolk brought a Silver Tea Service: Holds the riches of the land.

The Knights brought a Caramel Filled Chocolate Confection:  It is shiny and sweet.

The Fairies oddly didn’t bring anything.

The King decided which one was true and showed favouritism to his own knights.  He was just about to name the Caramel Filled Chocolate Confection as the answer to the riddles, when a fight broke out among all the knights.  In order to stop the fighting, Queen Charlotte revealed the true prize.  The treasure really is the King, without him the Kingdom truly suffers. 

All are surprised at this revelation, but happily went to dance at the Ceili.

2011 Poster
2012 Poster

A Game of Clue of Thrones

September 15th, 2012; Fifteenth Anniversary

This, the fifteenth year of the Royal Medieval Faire brings back some dastardly favourite characters.  King Davius of Dearth and his court arrive with grave accusations for the lovely Queen Charlotte.  Could she have had something to do with the death of King Bertram’s first wife, Sarah?  Does this rogue King actually have evidence of a crime?  Or is he merely after the prize of the kingdom, Dragon Grendl’s Eggs? 

Although Davius and his team produced some compelling evidence against Queen Charlotte, they failed to prove that anyone had a hand in the first Queen’s death.  She had had a bad heart all her life and though she contemplated taking a draught said to cause a painless death, the healer never gave it to her and she never drank her tea that night in any case.

Tragically the first Queen died, but joy returned to the Kingdom the following year when King Bertram married Queen Charlotte.

The Dragon eggs were safe from the treachery of King Davius and his Eiville clan and a baby dragon hatched from one of the eggs.

It was a jubilant end to the tournament!


The Vikings

September 21st, 2013

The 16th Annual Royal Medieval Faire brings trouble from the North.  King Bertram and Queen Charlotte have found themselves on the wrong side of a Viking force bent on claiming new lands -- will the Kingdom of Mearth fall forever into the hands of Beserkers and Raiders?  Come visit on the 21st of September and help the Mearth Knights, Royal Court and townsfolk set the balance right and restore Mearth to a peaceful realm for another year!

2013 Poster
2014 Poster

The Creature

September 20th, 2014

Strange things are afoot in the Kingdom of Mearth.  Have YOU heard those strange noises? Have YOU smelled that awful smell? Do YOU cower under your covers in fear of the Mearthian CREATURE?  Come join us at the 17th Royal Medieval Faire to find out what mysterious creature is plaguing the Kingdom!

Who is the Pirate King?

September 19th, 2015

Come  to the 18th Royal Medieval Faire and share in the prosperity and abundance that is Mearth this year.  Many, many relatives, and friends, and acquaintances, and almost strangers have relocated to Mearth and the gates are bursting with kin and folks.  There is but one possibility to relieve this strain, but dare we ask those former enemies for help?  Who do we mean?  The….Pirates!!! The pirates are having challenges of their own and may need to ask the public to help them choose a new “Pirate King”!  Join us at the Royal Medieval Faire and help Mearth and the Pirates with their fates.

2015 Poster
2016 Poster

Who will be the Proxy Queen?

September 17th, 2016

It is the Royal Medieval Faire and King Bertram is not anywhere to be found.  Queen Charlotte has been taking care of the running of the Kingdom of Mearth since he has been gone and she has grown tired of these dull duties.  If our fair Queen were to find an adventure to take part in, what will the kingdom do?

Mayhaps we should find a Queen Proxy for the duration of her absence.  But who can fill the queenly shoes of Queen Charlotte?  Can Dizzy Izzy Winterbourne take on the role?  Or Mary Contrary the Milk Maid?  How about Roisin the Rover Queen or Mearth’s own Lady Farrell. 

There may be some surprise candidates for Queen Proxy as well.  You will have to come to the 19th Royal Medieval Faire on Saturday September 17th, 2016 from 11:00am – 6:00pm to find out!

The Time Passenger

September 16th, 2017; Twentieth Anniversary

This is the 20th anniversary of the Royal Medieval Faire as well as the marriage of King Bertram and Queen Charlotte!  King Bertram has a special gift for his queen—a magic hourglass!  But turning the hourglass has some dire consequences…

Will the knights and citizens of Mearth be able to prevent a timeline catastrophe?  Join the 20th Royal Medieval Faire on Saturday September 16th and discover the fun for yourself!

Join us and find out what surprises are on hand– on Saturday, Sept 16th!

2017 Poster