Royal Medieval Faire

24th Annual Festival

SEPTEMBER 18, 2021


11am - 6pm

A bird of preyA drunkard lying in strawA crowd watching a performanceA sword fight in action between two performersThe king and queen acting sillyTownsfolk addressing the courtAn owlA schedule banner with showtimesTwo musicians playing a song on guitar and drumA group of unruly pirates cheeringThe actors of the medieval faireThree knights watch the tournamentMerchants selling medieval itemsTwo fighters in combatThe kingA knight holding another at spear pointA quartet singing madrigalsTwo young ladies thinkingBellydancers performingA story unfolds for the royal courtA harpistAn excited herald directs the crowdA fighter poses with their weaponA unicorn is gifted to the QueenVikings form a shield wallKnight and Master-At-Arms watch the actionTwo performers pose, one in chainmail the other elf-likeViking in the rainBad mercenaries wait for their opportunityDruid and knight fightSquire trainingThe court hears an accusationThe townsfolks advise the KingA smug looking fighterPirate prepares an attackSquires make pronouncementsFairy magic alters the fightTwo knights fight with heavy weaponsA fairyA drunken knight kicks another in the faceKnights assess the situationA merchant selling swordsThe King and Queen laughA princess in the kingdomFlower wreathes on displaySword and cloak fightA mercenary falls to the ground with assistanceA banner blowing in the windA game sign - "Do Not Feed the Dragons"The actors of the medieval faireTwo fighters locked in strifeTwo fighters battle in close quartersThe court argues with the King

Details of Online RMF 2021!

Their majesties Bertram and Charlotte have yet again commissioned a semblance of the Royal Medieval Faire for the citizens to enjoy on faire day from the privacy of their own hearth! Visit the website linked below to review plans for the online celebration of the Royal Medieval Faire , which will be held on Saturday, September 18, 2021!

Minecraft wizard tower

RMF 2021 Online This Year

Please review the Royal Medieval Faire board of director's press release on the festival plans for 2021 in relation to COVID-19 in Ontario. For any journalists looking to reach out for comment, please contact

Concepts in Other Worlds

Sir Liam, Sir Tobias and the young ruffian Smarm worked with the cartographers guild to recreate aspects of the Royal Medieval Faire festival grounds in the magical block realm known as Minecraft. A suitable location was selected by the King and Queen, construction done in 2020 and the festival took place as planned in this amazing world. Since last year improvements have been made and challenges created to make this year an even bigger celebration and adventure. Come join us on Saturday September 18th, 2021 in the Royal Medieval Faire Minecraft.