Merchants and Learn'd Craftspeople

Welcome to our merry band of merchants, vendors and craftspeople at the Faire that provide participants and attendees with all the essentials to outfit themselves in appropriate medieval style.  There are usually between forty and sixty vendors that come to the faire that provide a range of items for sale from smaller items like beautiful bottles of sand-art all the way up to entirely custom costumes - there is something for everyone.  Below are our 2023 vendors that attended, a description of what they provide and, if available, a link to their website.

Arms & Armour

After The Dust Settles (Formerly Rastel's Woodshop)

After The Dust Settles specializes in hand-crafted medieval-style weaponry and more minor items, trinkets. 

Bad Billys Blades / Out of the Rabbit Hole 

Historical weapons, Drums.

Iron Phoenix Armoury

Armour smiths, Handmade leather,  chain and plate armour, and leather accessories.

Jen Lipski Fine Art

Wood and Metal Artist/Blacksmith.

Arms, armour and collectibles merchandise.

Leather and Chainmaille armoury.

Jewellery, Arts & Crafts

Adora's Divinations

I am a psychic tarot reader who also sells handmade jewelry and wands. I also sell crystals, tarot and oracle cards, and other metaphysical items. 

Apiary & Mill Ltd.

Maker of artisanal jewelry, macrame & handcrafts.

Avani Creations

Handmade leather products/medieval style books/leather.

Connie's Artistic Pottery


Doghouse Wood-Designs

Tree trunk treasures - artisan creations from our house to yours!

Dunraven Designs

Crocheted toys, Potions Charms, Wands, Face Painting.

Elanne & Ivy

Handmade Semi-Precious Stone Jewellery, Fused Glass and Sun-Catchers.

Gyres and Gymbles

Mystical Handmade Pottery Wares.

Jim’s Chainmail

Unique chainmail jewelry and fairy wings for big and small fairies.

Laura Michelle Billson

Wire, charm, crystal and moss jewelry, stickers, sculptures, crystals.

Macfie’s Wizard Shop

Handmade wooden wands and wizardry items.

Medieval Reflections

Children and adult accessories and novelties.

Mermaid Springs Pottery

Handmade pottery with dragons, mermaids, Goddesses, cats, and trees. Faerie wreaths made from silk & dried flowers.

Starry Petal Dice

Starry Petal Dice sells handmade resin dice carefully crafted by a D&D nerd who knows the power of these destiny stones. May the nature of fate be in your favour as you roll from the stars of the heavens to the petals of the earth. 

Studio Vitrique

Unique handcrafted glass jewellery, decorative hangings, and whimsical sculptures made with stained glass and fused glass processes. 

Sword Lily Studios

Sword Lily Studios is a small, local art and jewelry business. I use modern embroidery techniques, textiles, beads, and other materials to create home decor and wearable art.

The Astrolathe

Sewing and 3D printing. 

Three Witches

Three witches come together to create a variety of witchy wares. 

Tomona's Magic Emporium

Handmade wizarding crafts, including potions, potion ingredients, wands, and magical creatures made of plush, polymer clay and faux fur.


Viscount Woodturning

Walk Wild

Walk Wild results from a mushroom-obsessed creative who believes in exploring her wacky brain's deep, weird recesses. Whether she is playing with silver, resin, leather or clay, her themes are capturing or recreating the magic of nature.

We are a small, independent, family-run company that brings our customers affordable, good-quality items. We focus on crystals, jewelry, books, and home decor.

Literature, Interactive Activities & Demonstrations

Creative Henna

Henna designs and temporary henna tattoos, henna cones and henna-made products.

Endless Adventures LARPs

Organizer of Live Action Role-Playing Games.


Jerry Mystic sells Viking Rune Readings, Numerology Charts, and Scrying Pendulums. What message do the gods have for you today?

Kathleen McIlroy

Author of a children's book (ages 7 - 11) set in medieval times.

KHURAM Shahzad

We are selling medieval stuff and anime stuff.

Lichwood Grove, Amtgard

Amtgard is a free to play LARP Boffer Sport. Join us for Battlegame, Combat Tournaments, and Quests in a fantasy world! 

The Oxford Renaissance Festival brings the legends of knights and maidens to life through medieval comedy, fire-eating performances, magic shows, jousting (NOT that “theatrical” kind), Celtic music, and ale. September 23-25.

Fantasy book author Author has 11 published books and accompanying dragon jewellery.

Vanessa Ricci-Thode


Zimdrol Publishing Inc

Children's Author



Medieval Clothing

Atelier Rogue Wind

Chainmail jewellery, accessories, and fidget toys.

Dubleve Wands

Purveyor of wands, pointy hats, and other magical sundry.

Magical clothing inspired by history and the old gods.

Whimsical and fun headbands and hats. Express yourself whether it be a wolf, fawn, witch, wizard, fairy or fox!

Lunar Lids

Handmade crochet plushies and Hats.

Magpie Costumes makes and sells medieval, renaissance and steampunk-era clothing and accessories for adults and the whole family.

We specialize in vintage and new handmade theatrical costumes, accessories and jewelry.

Sword in the Stone Crafts

Purveyors of fine handcrafted leather goods and costume accessories.

Sylvia Weir and Tori Burrell

Clothing: specializing in Corsets.

Woodchip Witch

Fine woodworking and textile creations by local artisans Alexandria and Hannah. We make everything ourselves, and we bring the medieval cottage core vibe! Our booth is fully themed with natural wood and floral decorations to match the season. As cosplayers, we come dressed to match the medieval theme.

Valkyrie Custom Wear

Medieval and Fantasy-Inspired Clothing Pieces.

Food & Beverages

519 Pattywagon 

Jamaican patties (Beef spicy and mild, chicken and vegetable)

Bittersweet art / Cookies Galore


Earth + Honeybee 


Loose leaf teas and accessories.

Selling an assortment of Pretzels, water, and pop 

Great White Pickle Co.

Roaming pickle cart selling pickles on a stick.

Ireland Gourmet Kettlecorn and Popcorn

Ireland Kettlecorn makes delicious foods and drinks to tantalize your senses. Visit us for a memorable time!

ITR Creations

Artisan blended loose-leaf tea, rustic wood and tin decor, blacksmith, and crochet items.

Knight's Of Columbus 1504 Kitchener & 8192 Elmira 

Catholic Church Men's Group 

Old Oak Delights

Medieval baked good

Stemmler Meats & Cheese 

Family-Owned Butcher Shop. Snack foods-Stemmler Brand Jerky, Pepperstix, Summer Sausage

We are also serving Sausage on a bun and hot dogs. Drinks available.