Merchants and Learn'd Craftspeople

Welcome to our merry band of merchants, vendors and craftspeople at the Faire that provide participants and attendees with all the essentials to outfit themselves in appropriate medieval style. There are usually between forty and sixty vendors that come to the faire that provide a range of items for sale from smaller items like beautiful bottles of sand-art all the way up to entirely custom costumes - there is something for everyone. Below are our 2019's vendors that attended, a description of what they provide and, if available, a link to their website.

Arms & Armour

Swords, knives, axes, Viking drinking horns, and leather goods.

Brian’s Mobile Workshop

Imported: knives, daggers, swords, walking canes, costume accessories, drinking horns, iron manacles and cuffs, jewellery, self-crafted knives, and trinkets.

Axes, hatchets, tomahawks, knives, etc. All unique and made from ugly/unloved and rescued tools. Para-cord tool accessories. Leisure sports -Tomahawk/axe throwing. Retail - reselling quality affordable throwing axes. Stop by my demo in the blacksmith area of the park.

Handmade chainmaille jewellery and armour.

Leather and Chainmaille armory.

Knives, whips, chainmail clothing, chainmail belts, chainmail jewellery, books, drums, and rune reading.

Jewellery, Arts & Crafts

We make various pieces of hand crafted beaded as well as chainmaille jewellery.

Locally made accessories from scrap leather and Fairtrade products.

Handmade wire-wrap jewellery in copper and sterling silver; embellished with natural stones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski pearls and crystals, among others.

Handmade sterling silver and chainmaille jewellery.

Hand-crafted clay dragons, whimsical acrylic paintings, on-the-spot ink commissions, enchanted herb bottles with personalized mystical protectors, and beautiful bookmark prints all made by the marvelous Morgan @ CatBoOok.

Creative Henna

Free hand henna designs, henna hand designed candles, wood boxes, and homemade henna paste tube.

Dragonfire Studios

Figurines out of horseshoe nails, copper and steel sculptures.

Handmade jewellery in whimsical, medieval and fantasy themes incorporating faeries, dragons, gnomes, mermaids, etc.

A collective of 3 Ontario artists working in fine art and craft. Our work includes sculpture, wall art, book art and wearable items made from metal, wood, stone, leather, handmade paper, and textiles.

Turned bowls and platters (live edge, semi natural edge) in rare and exotic woods from around the world. Turned pens and bottle stoppers. Old fashioned Briar pipes and accessories including ash trays, tampers, and leather cases. Old fashioned straight razors, shaving brushes, and bowls.

Custom made jewellery. Shield shaped pieces with various styles integrating dragons, knots, and maple leaves.

Green Cottage Gallery

Hand altered mutant stuffed creatures, Steampunk weapons, adornments, and other oddities as well as hand decorated leather jackets.

A practising aromatherapist, pagan and teacher of natural choices, making natural care products for over 10 years. Committed to using only natural ingredients.

Ida Wason

Cork jewellery.

Jim’s Chainmail

Affordable and unique chainmail jewellery for the whole family. Also fairy wings and wands for your little fairy.

Handmade wooden wands. Your one-stop shop for all your wizarding needs.

Purveyor of Creatures & Whimsical Things! From costumed horns to plush creatures and more!

Melody Green Pottery

Potter wheel thrown hand sculpted pots.

Handmade stoneware pottery. Mermaids, dragons, fairies, trees, goddesses, and cats adorning the surfaces.

Morninglory Designs

Beautiful, quirky handcrafted jewellery. Twisty and twirly, a little bit girly (though wares for lords as well as ladies). Many one-of-a-kind pieces.

Moroccan treasures: jewellery, textiles, and leather. Also, argan oil, soap, and lotion.

Handcrafted stoneware pottery, Artisan soap natural, bath & body products, incense, apothecary, and some metal works.

Help support the Faire by stopping in at the Royal Medieval Faire Merchandise Booth. Buy a wreath for a fair maiden or a knight's tabard for a young squire. We also carry king, queen, knight, wizard and dragon puppets. Dragon food (birds, mice, spiders), magical frogs, coin purses, and faire t-shirts. All items (except t-shirts) are made by volunteers and the proceeds go to next year's faire.

Sandra Marise

Fine art artist, specializing in portrait fantasy, bird wildlife, and medieval style calligraphy.


Design your own sand bottles for an everlasting keepsake. Original hand-painted tapestries and metal sculptures.

Sheboa Pottery

Burnished and carved black and brown stoneware; wax resistant stoneware.

Handmade, hand cut semi-precious stone, wire wrapped/woven jewellery, wands, tree of life wall hangings, tumbled stones, and mineral specimens.

The Lost Book, the Write Shop, is a shop with old fashioned writing accessories and journals. Hand bound journals made to fit the theme, feather pens, bead pens, handmade feather quill pen holders, inks, and sealing wax.

Handcrafted, crocheted and stuffed fan-based characters and magical mystical beasts.

Wire crowns, wands, masks, Elfin ear-cuffs , jewellery flower crowns, hair clips, etc.

Witchy magic and accessories, mainly for writing in old styles. I try to be "Canadian Scrivenshafts", for all your spell work.

Wooden It Be Goods

Wood swords, children's swords, arming or one-handed swords, hand and a half longswords, messers, and two-handed great swords, quarter staffs, canes, knives, pipes, and magical wands.

Medieval Clothing

Fit for the Gods

Handmade historical costumes made with a flair of authenticity. Sticking to traditional fabrics, design, and sometimes techniques.

Tricorn and cavalier hats, hat accessories. New! Hand painted fund jars.

Magpie Costumes

Period clothing for the whole family, bags, flasks, iron candle sticks, and wooden tankards.

Medieval Reflections

A wide range of children's medieval costumes and accessories for every young Knight and Princess.

Authentic armour, clothing, and gorgeous jewellery.

Valkyrie Studios

Clothing and accessories; candles and incense; kids accessories.

Made to order costumes and clothing inspired by history and fantasy alike.

Literature, Interactive Activities & Demonstrations

Cayla McCullough

Tarot and Oracle card readings to aid in answering your most troublesome questions, as well as give you a glimpse of the past, present, and future. What do the cards have in store for you?

Earth Artisans

Bonnie and Sarah are founding members of Earth Artisans. They spin yarn out of natural fibers, do demos and workshops in their spare time, and will show you ways of spinning from medieval to present day. They will have their spinning wheels and other tools representing different eras, and will walk you through the process of making wool, from fleece to fiber.

Glitterbug Designs

Face painter and glitter tattoo artist. Using high quality, safe for skin paints, I transform children into fantastic fairies, pretty princesses, or daring dragons.

Surname Historical Armorials and a variety of medieval swords and daggers.

Medieval Faire Story Tent

Medieval storytelling.

Offering discount tickets for Medieval Times and free swag.

The Oxford Renaissance Festival brings the legends of knights and maidens to life through medieval comedy, fire-eating performances, magic shows, jousting (NOT that "theatrical" kind), Celtic music, and ale. Father’s Day Weekend.

St. Jerome's University's Medieval D.R.A.G.E.N. Laboratory was founded in 2016 with a mission to enhance the training of students.

Historical medieval books, mythical medieval books.

Local author/word sorceress selling fantasy novels and short stories, including personalized short stories written on site using an antique (circa 1920s) typewriter.

Wilfrid Laurier University Medieval and Medievalism Studies Program

Students of the Medieval Studies Program are available to discuss the program at Wilfrid Laurier University and all things related to medieval studies.

Food & Beverages

Wood fired pizza made to order and beverages.

Country Style

Light meals.

Pretzels, beverages.

Great White Pickle Co.

Roaming pickle cart.

Ireland Kettlecorn

Kettlecorn, Popcorn, pop, hotdogs.

K’s Ice Cream

Kawartha Dairy ice cream, slushies, freezies, and treats.

Saint Peter’s Catholic Church

Fresh hot apple fritters made from scratch. The best you have ever tasted!

Pulled pork on a bun and smoked turkey drumsticks.